Small bookstore successful transformation strategy

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I was growing up, almost always with the bookstore relationship between childhood comic books, reference books of the students, boys and girls romantic novel, at that time, roadside bookstore is our common memory. However, with the virtual path and the impact of the large chain bookstores, up to 2000 small and medium-sized bookstores crumbling, for 5 consecutive years of negative growth of the industry as a whole, a monthly average of 10 to 20 bookstores out of business; Now, how to strengthen the overall the constitution of the industry to enhance the sales of bookstores, the most significant issue in the publishing industry.

Disorder and sales information in the face of the many problems, opaque, the biggest worry of the publishing industry. In the publishing industry, sales information is hidden in the bookstores, publishing houses only the month of return of the bookstore, know the book sells well, thus creating a dilemma of unequal rationing of best-selling book or books can be sold.