Small bookstore successful transformation strategy

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I was growing up, almost always with the bookstore relationship between childhood comic books, reference books of the students, boys and girls romantic novel, at that time, roadside bookstore is our common memory. However, with the virtual path and the impact of the large chain bookstores, up to 2000 small and medium-sized bookstores crumbling, for 5 consecutive years of negative growth of the industry as a whole, a monthly average of 10 to 20 bookstores out of business; Now, how to strengthen the overall the constitution of the industry to enhance the sales of bookstores, the most significant issue in the publishing industry.

Disorder and sales information in the face of the many problems, opaque, the biggest worry of the publishing industry. In the publishing industry, sales information is hidden in the bookstores, publishing houses only the month of return of the bookstore, know the book sells well, thus creating a dilemma of unequal rationing of best-selling book or books can be sold.


"Farewell, Lu" is because it was buried. Some bookstore books can be sold missed the first time sales opportunities, some bookstores sell the book, then the book is returned to the operating Books logistics and distribution company distribution, indirectly contributing to the increase in logistics costs. Publishers, after the publication of the book, unable to grasp the market situation, misjudged the market situation, and therefore miscalculated the number of publications reprinted, will produce huge losses. Into returns, but also caused a lot of logistics costs in the industry value chain.

Small and medium-sized bookstores crisis of survival e obstacles and sales information opaque

Bookstore, because the display is limited, can not fully display all the old and new publications, general bookstore forced to shorten Added time bestseller, but also indirectly result in higher rates of return the books, plus small and medium bookstore is not using the system management is simple Invoicing System, there is no integrated platform for the integration of information, resulting in the publication industry market lacks the correct sales or information, but also makes consumers into the small and medium-sized bookstores do not necessarily find the book they want. Finally, consumers obtain appropriate services in small and medium-sized bookstores, they were reluctant to enter the bookstore, the loss of consumer groups, small and medium-sized book business will be more difficult.

Faced with these problems, the main key is that bookstore sales information transparency, Applications & Services Institute for Information Industry innovation proposed BAM (Business Activity Monitoring)-based solutions.

Import BAM concept of creating solutions

BAM concept is to start from the understanding of corporate behavior, to identify most areas for improvement, the indicators of these risks, to provide real-time information and alerts, that is, the use of information technology for the management of the enterprise risk monitoring, so the industry value chain If you want to achieve real-time collaboration, and also need to rely on the use of BAM. Use of BAM can bring innovative service model for the industry value chain in the publishing industry.

Information Industry Innovation Applications & Services Institute have the the BAM effect of science and technology project services network platform technology bookstore POS system with the largest dealer-agronomy company PICS (Publishing Industry Collaborative Solution) system, the establishment of the publishing industry collaborative job service platform, two-way information, publication industry sales by the help of information technology, sales information collected from time to time, monitor sales event points to start the decision-making process.

Services, Information Industry Innovation Applications & Services Institute in cooperation with agronomy, links the national northern, central, and southern East 37 small and medium-sized bookstores, for the Ministry of Economic Affairs, the SME Technical Guidance Project support earlier this year to participate in such a platform for counseling bookstore smooth counseling these small and medium-sized bookstores platform transition.

A result, by the introduction of the new system, the small and medium-sized bookstores successfully reduce costs;, other benefits continued to produce, including common procurement. Believe that these small and medium-sized bookstores full of human touch will persist in you by my side.

The new platform architecture enables small and medium-sized bookstore precise decision-making under

In this new operation mechanism, the bookstore by the PICS system interface as a front-end sales, while publishing industry to take this as a Last Mile (Last Mile) information collection pipes, sales information in the PICS system is regularly sent back to publishing industry, real-time collaboration platform for the platform to determine the sales event.

The past, the judgment of the manager or senior manager complement return the books, simply out of intuition, or added to our catalog as a basis for judgment, and can not really find the complement, the back of the books. Platform design provides a query page for the manager or senior manager of a query that is suggested that the compensation return of books, manager or senior manager through query here suggested that the compensation is updated daily return of books. According to the recommendations of the platform complement the return of books, manager or senior manager may be supplemented by the expertise and judgment complement return decision-making.

According to this decision, the clerk through the PICS system fill return the books jobs sent through the platform of the message, make up the return book one can be automatically transferred to the corresponding publisher processing.

Science and technology is the savior of the independent bookstores

Huang Adams St., agricultural science company manager is the facilitator of the PICS project, he graduated from the field of information and investment in traditional industries of, the plight of independent bookstores quite worried, he said: "These bookstores scale comparison small, scattered strength, really very poor" cooperation with the Institute for Information Industry, to create the possibility of integration of the value chain, HUANG Si-San said: "Fortunately, there is assist leader in the invention and development of Information Industry Qiu Jing Ming, through BAM technology integrated value chain, so that the bookstore can produce the power of integration." the future, this service, I believe will bring about revolutionary change in this industry.