How black show network use retractable banner stand to promote

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Thousands of websites, "black show network" is a unique Web site for a special service by American designers, because there is a certain appeal to the designer, the member has accumulated more than twelve thousand daily view more than 250,000 people, also attracted NOKIA, BUICK A thin leather shoes and other well-known brands and black show network with the Office of the design competition.
Han said that the, black show network marketing is that the "designer" Community Core. In addition to the most in need of creative designers contest message and design news, retractable banner stand advertising and promotional activities most choose cooperation with well-known advertisers, working together to penetrate the image to promote the brand of black show network.

Each year organizes regular trash creative activities, so that designers feel excellent, bosses, customers, teachers, and the return of the game works and creativity, there is the opportunity to re-seen, and let friends vote for outstanding works design software, banners gallery, awards printer, users participate in a high degree.