How blogging queen demonstrates the promotional power that wipe out retractable banner

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Days there must be people or more visits popular blogger of "Queen", after the successful publication of the personal writings, many manufacturers have also knocks on your door, invited endorsement; another co-blogger, has continually interview speech, super KUSO (funny) blogger Lady Nana.

Good free tampons is spotted reading blog queen and lady Nana ethnic, economic and affordable budget, and the Queen of cooperation, less than a week, breaking the 30 million people of Visitors, articles Reply to the rate of over one hundred a chapter of a wonderful experience of confession, let the good itself unexpectedly, two bloggers actually bring them, the original use of celebrity endorsements or retractable banners promotion can not be achieved.


All-out offensive targeted populations

Procter & Gamble, P & G brands good comfortable tampons, this time, in addition to improving the the past function marked unclear packaging, another major demand is "happy" Month to month concept, women during menstruation, was still able to find their own comfortable and happy feelings. Guo Yuen Ping, assistant manager of P & G External Affairs Ministry US Internet hit rate has reached 98%, TV and the Internet can be said to be the next major One Group retractable banners size chart advertising battlefield, and therefore a large number of P & G budgets migration to Internet advertising.

Advertisers should observe consumers increasingly keen, Guo Yuen Ping mentioned, their target group is the 20 to 30-year-old qingshunv the line populations age and the use of the network, usually heavy users of the network, So it would be to find the tribal the Geda people among, find Daren writers are able to attract this group of consumers.

Find key Daren

The rational quantitative observation: when good comfortable bloggers cooperation set four to five of the more popular blogs, observed average daily visitors stability; important is the interaction with the appeal of the message board, For example, the users a message, the bloggers response speed and response rate is about high, and blog posts cause echoes force again is whether bloggers will be fixed update the content of the article, freshness and to increase the degree of adhesion to the reader.

Inductive qualitative research: Not only that, the good comfortable will also ask around friends and family, conducted a survey of bloggers from the audience of bloggers, understand their needs, with a depth interviews. They found that, between bloggers and netizens "trust" is very important to establish a fairly deep sense of trust, through the blog platform, so difficult to find, why often bloggers throw a topic that caused the effect, both series a large number of friends to join.

To writers marketing to fake Sanekane people

Kwok Yuen Ping bloggers marketing there is a Barbara and feeling to say the least, to this good comfortable queen, lady Nana cooperation example, initially good article itself does not require the Queen to write tampons more than easy to use, or absorption how strong, because the packaging is too rough, too lazy, savvy users is one you will see that, "a product placement!" such deliberate fraud, it will only cause users greater rebound.

Comfortable and bloggers communicate, give them space to play a considerable less reviewers, does not restrict the content, the theme can be customized, so the queen heard immediately nod this cooperation model. Itself to provide a rough concept, let the girls love their menstrual advent is no longer painful, but want to be happy, be happy. Kwok Yuen Ping and bloggers, and indeed there are too many "Surprise", all they did not expect.

For example, the queen proposed to write "men are willing to buy tampons has revealed many sexes, from men willing to help women buy tampons, you can see the boyfriend love your boyfriend how to treat menstrual girlfriend wrote "True Confessions," an exclusively female, caused quite a broad response, reply to a message of up to 100, many female readers nature that is deeply felt, and take the initiative to say out of their own experience.

This experience, not bloggers false tampons and write the story, but to use the blogger's true, and close friends link, packaging and overall concept itself.

Lady the Nana you mentioned, originally, she may well want to write an article about adolescent use tampons experience, this is a good comfortable find her addition to commodities like her own brand, also in line with the real growth of her personal between brands and bloggers hit it off, they bring the commodity more value-added.

Daren help advertisers do?
Most bloggers are quite a character, so the text is, especially cooperation and vendors. Queen does not like to be bound by the manufacturers, but also want to get the respect of manufacturers, vendors or contact the manufacturer's agent, just give bloggers a little bit of sweetness, bloggers will be willing to help you best, you're wrong!

Queen have a lot of experience, blog marketing is too red, many manufacturers are looking for bloggers or stereotype that bloggers are willing to accept a variety of placement and marketing, but now the bloggers will merchandise audit does not love the brand does not pick bad quality goods then too the size of the eye to treat bloggers not connected. Many bloggers principle, but because of this, in order to consolidate the culture has long been the group of loyal fans, advertisers access to consumers more accurate than retractable banners.

Queen of goods requires a bit harsh, but also to protect their own reputation and the quality of content, and in addition to vendors placed in the article on their own business blog, she hopes that future opportunities for cooperation, and other vendors will try to advertisers in other platforms to write articles, do not let the blog exposed too many commercial messages.

Select bloggers luck

The Queen is a considerable success by the virtual fought to the success of bloggers in the physical world, a good comfortable that only know the Queen is very red, but did not expect so amazing red extent, be regarded as a good luck bet to.

How can manufacturers to elect a good blogger? Good comfortable first blogger reader habits must and brand or product links, blog Queen, long-term sexes the meeting users to browse course, mostly women, wrote on health Cotton experience, is appropriate.

In addition, a good comfortable now call celebrity endorsements are not a panacea, they want a more interactive and consumers "spokesperson" bloggers is the kind of "in-touch" energy than those lofty star , but also be able to move people.